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Mecanical workshop


Termitime Manufacture 🏭

At the heart of our cutting-edge mechanical workshop, Termitime stands out through the expert fusion of diverse technologies. Our equipment includes three-axis CNC machines, conventional machines like the lathe, 3D printing machines using resin and filaments, and advanced laser technology.

This synergy of cutting-edge tools positions us as exceptional craftsmen in the production of prototypes and small series, whether for our original creations or bespoke projects for our clients. Termitime innovates with an in-house system, free from aqueous emulsion or adhesives, allowing for machining with extremely thin thicknesses. Our precision watchmaking machining capabilities are remarkable, covering thicknesses from 0.10 to 0.30 mm in laminated materials.

At Termitime Manufacture, we specialize in meticulous machining of bridges, plates, and small components using high-quality raw materials such as brass, maillechort, stainless steel 316L, durnico, and many others.


Every step of the control and production process is meticulously supervised, ensuring impeccable measurement results. If you have needs for watchmaking machining, our exceptional flexibility allows us to meet all your requirements.

Contact us at for a free and personalized quote. Termitime Manufacture Holding - The art of watchmaking machining at the intersection of innovation and tradition.

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