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Watchmaking worshop


At Termitime, our 250-year heritage of watchmaking knowledge guides our commitment to excellence. As an authentic watchmaking manufacture, we celebrate our status as passionate artisans, showcasing our rich experience and exceptional craftsmanship.

Our unique approach focuses on the harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation in our patents. We are not just watch manufacturers; we are creators of exceptional horological experiences.

Every watch that leaves our workshops embodies the excellence passed down through generations of master watchmakers who have contributed to our history.

Immerse yourself in the universe of our manufacture and discover the magic of crafting and developing timepieces of exceptional quality. Our passion for watchmaking is evident in every detail, creating watches that transcend time and reflect our dedication to perfection.

At Termitime, history and the future converge with every tick-tock, offering a unique experience where each watch is a timeless work of art.

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