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Our manufacture  

Located in the heart of the cradle of watchmaking in Cortaillod, Switzerland, Termitime stands out as a small-scale watchmaking manufacture.

Our expertise lies in the assembly of high-end movements and complications, showcasing our unparalleled skill in the development and manufacturing of exceptional timepieces. Emphasizing our distinctive craftsmanship, we position ourselves as passionate artisans, inheritors of a rich watchmaking tradition.

In addition to our commitment to crafting exceptional movements, we provide a comprehensive restoration and after-sales service, underscoring our dedication to preserving and enhancing each timepiece.

At Termitime, our approach is built on 250 years of watchmaking knowledge. We highlight our status as an authentic watchmaking manufacture, leveraging our experience and craftsmanship in the fabrication and development of timepieces of exceptional quality.

Experience the fusion of tradition and innovation at Termitime, where each watch embodies the excellence passed down through generations of master watchmakers.

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